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For Members

What is Membership?

A local church is a community of persons who are in a covenant of mutual care and common purpose under the leadership of Jesus Christ. When you become a member, you are declaring that this is not just the church you attend, it is your church for this season of your life. 


We receive new members several times per year. Members are formally received by the Session (the governing board of church elders), but the only requirement for membership is that a person is a baptized Christian (of any Christian denomination). If you are interested in membership or you have never been baptized but wish to be, please contact Rev. Hong

CCB - Church Community Builder

CCB, or Church Community Builder, is our online database that allows you to have control over your information and what others can see. You can find other adults (children under 12 do not appear to the public), sign up to serve or participate in events, and see your own giving record (and print the record as your tax receipt). You can also upload a picture of yourself, and that's really helpful for all of us!


To get started, your email address (the one you use to receive church emails) has to already be in our database. If it isn't please email Beth in the church office and she will enter your information.


To get started and access CCB, please click this link.

Or watch a tutorial video on how to get started.

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