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First Look: Renderings

We previously announced the exciting news that we had retained a new architect (Kutnicki Bernstein Architects of NYC) to complete the design of our new sanctuary, with a commitment to meet our budget. One of the huge advantages they bring is the use of 3-D design software that allows us to get very approximate renderings of the space. I am pleased to share some with you - with the following caveats:

Please remember these are approximations. No colors have been selected. No finishes are chosen. We don't yet know what flooring we will use. We are still completing a structural design. They have chosen to use a classic truss design that is ingeniously shaped to allow it to support the roof without the need for columns.

Below you will find these very preliminary renderings. We are presently just over halfway through the design/development phase. Most of what we are dealing with are structural and mechanical (HVAC) issues. Our hope is to have a set of plans to the building department in just a few weeks, sufficient to allow us to begin site work before Labor Day.


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