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Worship Chairs

A number of you asked me about the style of chairs we intend to use. One thing Covid taught us is the value of flexible seating, and attendance will probably always fluctuate dramatically between in-person and online worship. So we are striving for flexibility and comfort.

We intend to use what are commonly known as "chapel chairs". These are thickly upholstered, very comfortable, and connect together but can be disconnected, stacked, and moved if needed. It allows us to fill in the open spaces in the new worship space on big days like Easter, while not feeling too empty the rest of the time. Remember also that our parking lot only has 90 spaces, plus on-street parking on Palisade Ave and on Dwight Pl. This limits our practical capacity before we would have to add more service times.

Chapel chairs are the most common type of seating found in newer churches. They can come equipped with book and card racks if desired. Overall they will save us well over $100,000 compared with the cost of pews, which would also be immovable.

We believe you'll enjoy them. They are now found in both traditional and contemporary settings. Pictures of the styles of chairs available are below.


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